Since 2008, I have helped hundreds of people achieve their financial goals.  As your mortgage broker my desire is to find out what is important to you in order to get the best possible mortgage for your needs.  Buying a home is a huge decision; I will help you understand the process, each step of the way.

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, my specialized expertise will be of great benefit to you.

 Are you looking to buy a home or refinance your existing home?

A mortgage broker can shop your mortgage for you, ensuring that you get the best interest rate and mortgage terms to suit your individual needs.  With over a 100 lenders to choose from I can provide many more options than a bank can.

Are you a first-time home buyer?

Buying a home is a major decision and first-time home buyers often feel overwhelmed and confused by the whole process.  I will explain everything involved in acquiring a mortgage and take the time to answer all your questions, so you understand each decision you make. 

Are you self-employed?

Self-employed people often face unique challenges when securing a mortgage.  I have access to lenders who specialize in financing for these unique borrowers.

Are you building a house?

Building your own home is an exciting, complicated, and potentially stressful process.  You really need help from someone who knows how this type of financing works.  Having secured construction mortgages for many of my clients, as well as for myself, I can support you throughout the entire process.

Are you a business owner looking for commercial financing? 

I am well-experienced in commercial loans and have close connections with many commercial lenders.

Are you looking for an equipment lease?

I can help you secure a lease for equipment for your business.

Are you struggling with a low credit score, consumer proposal, or bankruptcy?

I can teach you how credit works and help you rebuild your credit, so you will be able to attain a higher credit score.  When we get your credit rebuilt, I will help you find a mortgage to suit your individual needs.

 Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, a business owner, new to Canada, or coming out of a bankruptcy—I can help you.  Give me a call or make an appointment to come see me; it will cost you nothing but your time, and could save you thousands of dollars.  


 Whether you're looking in Nanaimo or elsewhere  for a mortgage, refinancing, a home equity loan, or commercial loan or leasing for your business, Elaine Peligren can help!


Contact Elaine in Nanaimo at 250-729-7099


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 10 Questions Mortgage Borrowers Should Ask - But Don't!

Important information for everyone who has a mortgage or is thinking about getting one.





Thank you for setting our mortgage up.  Your professionalism and you as a person are very much appreciated.  We had such a bad experience with another mortgage brokerage. It was costly and emotionally draining for us and our daughter.

 On review, most of the frustration of snakes and ladders was absolutely unnecessary.  It was a terribly disturbing journey when we started to realize we may well have been caught up in a real estate triad ( salesman, house inspector and mortgage broker) whose best interest first and foremost was their own personal gain rather than satisfying the customers it became very disturbing to say the least.

 When we  attempted to buy our next house we didn’t want to go through that again.  Luckily, we heard of your firm from another satisfied customer. We feel fortunate that we called and dealt with you. The process and journey to get what we needed went very well and it is all good thanks to the energy and professionalism of your team and you.

 We have recommended you to who ever we meet with a mortgage financing need and will use you again with absolute TRUST AND CONFIDENCE (knowing we don’t have to know everything) that we will get the BEST DEAL AVAILABLE WITH THE LEAST AMOUNT OF COMPLICATION AND FRUSTRATION …realizing of course, in many cases,  things often don’t show up in a state of perfection but the caring pro gives their best try to accomplish a successful end for ALL concerned.

 This we know now for certain…like they say, in our opinion, you can take it to the bank with Dominion Lending!

 MARK & EVA July 2015



 Elaine Peligren was referred to me by my father, when I first met her she was very informative and sat me down and filled me in with everything that is involved with getting a mortgage and how credit scores are broken down and how banks determine how much I could borrow based off my income and my monthly expenses. As we started making offers Elaine was very quick at making sure the banks would allow for the amount I needed plus my room for improvements, we ended up changing how much we needed multiple times and everytime we did Elaine was on the ball and made sure everything went very smooth. I am beyond happy with the service that I received and am convinced I wouldn't have had better help with anybody else. I highly recommend Elaine to anybody I come across looking to purchase a house or get a loan for anything they need

 -Joe Delorme March 2015



Elaine is the best mortgage broker we could ever have.  She treated us like family and we felt that we are taken care-off.  She explained everything to me as to how credit works and managed to get us our new home that we absolutely loved. We weren't just a $ sign to her like the banks do and they actually offer a much lower interest rate. She has an awesome smile and a great personality. No matter what circumstances came up she pulled through for us. We thank Elaine with all of our hearts for making our dreams come true, I personally believe that we couldn't have done it with out her.  We will definitely recommend her to everybody who wants to meet and work with someone who will make getting a mortgage a pleasant and exciting experience and also meet a wonderful friend...but for us she was like FAMILY.  Thanks Elaine and everybody at Dominion Lending for all the hard work and for making our homeownership a very wonderful experience.

Alexie and family        April 2015


Elaine helped us with the mortgage for our first home this year, and was warm, patient and professional in walking us through the many aspects to consider in planning and applying for a mortgage. She was knowledgeable and we felt confident in her care. We couldn't have asked for a better adviser and are happy to recommend her to our friends and family."

Thanks again for everything, it really was a pleasure to work with you! We've been recommending you to anyone we know who is getting into their first homes like us :)

Laura and Steve  2015


JUNE 2014


You have successfully made another dream come true!

A huge bouquet and thank you goes out to Elaine Peligren for her dedication and enthusiasm in assisting South Island Imports with all their financial needs in making something big even bigger.

It's not every day you get an application from a locally owned auto wrecking company and agree to take on the task without any hesitation.  Elaine was pleasant to work with, she was very thorough and kept us up-to-date with all necessary procedures.  She took the time to see what a great transition this would be for everyone involved and put her own needs aside for others.

The staff at South Island Imports would highly recommend Elaine Peligren to anyone who is in need of a mortgage broker....and if you don't need one she will gladly still take your call and listen....

Everyone at South Island Imports


We had always used banks for our mortgages and felt that the banks were very impersonal and quite uninterested in offering us much in the way of options that would benefit us. When someone suggested that we should see Elaine Pellegrin of Dominion Mortgage because she could get us a better deal, we decided to see for ourselves. That was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Ours was a complicated mortgage and we weren't sure it could work. Elaine worked miracles and spent many hours preparing different scenarios so that we could decide which was the best for us. There was a time crunch as well but because Elaine went above and beyond for us, we now have the home of ours dreams with a great rate on our mortgage. We recommend Elaine and her company to everyone---you can't do any better!

Janice and George Webb   Sept 2014



Elaine Peligren was recommended to us by our daughter in law. We had only dealt with banks before learning about Dominion Lending Centres Vanisle. I was self-employed, so it is difficult to obtain credit from traditional lending sources (banks, credit unions). We wanted to help our son and his wife to obtain a mortgage. Elaine was able to shop our mortgage even though our bank couldn’t.  Elaine worked hard for us and helped us get a great rate.  Elaine provided us with great service in a timely manner and got together with us in the evening and even on weekends to work around my son’s work schedule. She was well prepared and had all the documents organized.   We recommend Elaine because of the highly personalized service she gave us.

Gerhard and Heidi Erler   2014



Jan 2013

 Elaine Peligren was recommended to us by my brother-in-law. We were out-of-province buyers and not aware of the processes in B.C., since we have never dealt with a broker and time was of the essence we decided to put our faith in Elaine and Dominion Lending Centres. Elaine provided us with great service and was a great communicator for us since we were not physically in BC. We recommend Elaine because of the highly personalized service she gave us and her valuable recommendations and options that were many. I felt like we were her only client as the amount of time she put into the purchase. She was friendly, knowledgeable and informative.

 I am self-employed, so it is difficult to obtain credit from traditional lending sources (banks, credit unions). Elaine was able to shop our mortgage to an array of institutions and negotiate on our behalf. Elaine worked hard for us and helped us get a great rate. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a mortgage.

 We received excellent service. Elaine was very professional, friendly and a great help. Elaine took care of everything and made it an easy process. Thanks for everything Elaine!

 Not only did Elaine Peligren do a great job finding us a fantastic mortgage she also recommended a local  lawyer, insurance company, house cleaner, schools and spent hours on email and the telephone as we lived in Calgary and were rarely onsite. She was always accommodating when we did come to the Island. Thank you Elaine for making our life so much easier and making the process less stressful and even fun.

 She is not only a great broker, my wife and I consider her friend

   -Bruce Y.